I use this app every Christmas when I get busy in order to manage my orders effectively and give my customers the peace of mind that they can order for when best suits them. I have had a few issues which is usually my own fault! The problem with this app is that it does not always work. The flexibility of this app fits our site’s needs perfectly. Tolu at the customer service end was a great help the one time we had a bit of trouble. It’s working great and we are happy with the app. Perfect app for my requirements. It was really important that I had control where the calendar was used and this app does exactly that.

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On MyDates you’ll meet exciting singles and chat partners directly in your area. No matter if you are looking at home or on the road with the app: at MyDates you will always find members who are always ready for a chat or a flirt. Get to know attractive men and women through the app. Whether for friendship, flirt or chat – at MyDates you can make promising new friends.

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Specify date. Back. Specify date. Enter promo code. Use an e-Voucher. For miles. Search. Online check-in. Booking code, ticket number, loyalty programme.

E-commerce is now carried out on mobile phones. Providing an impeccable shopping experience on smartphones has become an essential requirement for doing business online. To date, only native apps and progressive web apps make it possible to offer the best user experience to shop on your phone. GoodBarber allows you to design an eCommerce app with the most advanced mobile technologies.

Stop looking for ways to create a mobile shopping app , start now. You are a content editor, community manager or local business manager, you know that your message must be accessible from several channels to reach your audience. With GoodBarber, no matter what type of content you want to deliver, your readers will access it from a native mobile app for iOS and Android, or from a Progressive Web App from their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

If you are looking for how to create a mobile app , test GoodBarber now. GoodBarber allows you to create a native app. A native app is designed in a technology specific to the phone on which it is installed. Native apps for Android phones are distributed via Google Play. Once published in the Stores, your native app has many advantages: visibility via ASO and notoriety thanks to user comments and ratings. GoodBarber allows you to create a Progressive Web App.

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Register from your mobile device. Select ‘Log On’ and then ‘Not Registered? This allows us to verify your identity. HSBC may also be referred to as “we,” “us” or “our”. You may print this document for your files or you can request a copy by mail by calling Customer Service at HSBC Representatives are available Monday – Sunday am – am ET.

We can keep your app up-to-date, deliver regular bug fixes and prepare your app for upcoming devices and operating systems, even if your app was launched.

Without any purchase you can create accounts and add transactions. Share accounts with your customers, workers or accountant. All your accounts are safe an up-to-date. Do not miss any of them. Let them get notifications. Never lost. Every day, new features are added according to users needs and feedback. Keep track of your payments. Don’t strugle with Excel files.

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This topic describes how to handle subscription lifecycle events, such as renewals and expirations. It also describes additional subscription features such as offering promotions and allowing your users to manage their own subscriptions. Before reading this topic, be sure you’ve read Integrate the Google Play Billing Library into your app for general instructions on how to sell and manage products in your app. If you haven’t configured subscription products for your app, see Create and configure your products.

A subscription can go through various state changes throughout its lifecycle , and your app needs to respond to each change. To check the subscriber’s state, your app can query using either BillingClient.

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Allow customers to choose exactly when they want to get goods. Very good! I had previously had problems with finding the right delivery date and time slot pickers for customers, which caused me more work, this was simple and fast to set up. Thank you so much. App does what it says and support responds in a timely manner. Although I chose a different app that fits the size and needs of my business better, this app is great for most websites out there!

I have used this app on a couple of stores now. Works really well and easy to set up and configure.

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In the second half of , new apps will be required to publish with the Android App Bundle on Google Play. New apps larger than MB will have to use either dynamic feature delivery or dynamic asset delivery. With internal app sharing, you can quickly share an app bundle or APK with your internal team and testers by uploading an APK or app bundle on the internal app sharing upload page. To share your app, you can manage testers with a list of email addresses or make your app available to anyone you share a download link with.

Note : If you create a list of email addresses, you can reuse the same list when adding authorized uploaders, downloaders, and testers for testing tracks on your Google Play developer account. Important : After adding authorized testers, provide your testers with instructions on how to turn on internal app sharing.

After this date, the purchase token is no longer valid to call the Google Play Developer API. If your app stores subscription state on a secure backend server, your.

A placement exam must be taken before registration. The exam may be taken between and Registration office is open from to every day and from to at weekends A fee is charged for Placement Exam except for Turkish courses and is included in the total course fee. Refund of placement exam will not be provided for those who do not register the course. The placement exam is valid for 4 months.

The lecturer, if necessary, may change the course level of the student with the approval of the head of the course unit within the first week regardless of the placement exam. Course fees are paid in Turkish Liras. Freezing the registration, by showing valid excuse and changing a class, if possible within the institutions facilities, is done within the first week. The applications for freezing on a later date will not be accepted and a refund will not be given for the courses that is not attended by the student.

A frozen registration is valid up to 1 year.

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Article 1 Objective 1. The company complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection such as Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization. The company lets each member know how it uses personal information provided by each member for what purposes and which actions it takes to protect personal information through its privacy policy.

The company posts these policies on the Lysn service screen for members to read them any time.

All cancellation codes may be found on If you cancel a bundle before it expires, you will still be able to use it until its expiry date​.

Focus To-Do is an easy-to-use time and task management application that helps you to manage tasks anywhere and anytime, and helps you to perform tasks efficiently. Millions of users around the world use our application and have gained efficiency. Set an execution time for the task, focus on the task until the end of the time, the harvest is not only efficiency, but also the unexpected sense of accomplishment. You can use it to make plans for work and study, record shopping lists, set up birthday reminders or arrange your schedule.

Focus To-Do can help you get everything done in life and work. Make time traceable. Whether you are on a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet, you can record tasks or start a Pomodoro at anytime or anywhere.

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