While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. When Mikan’s stealing ability is found, she is transferred to DA class. Her first mission seemed simple enough but turned out to be trap from AAO. With Mikan captured, Alice Academy goes haywire until she is proclaimed dead. Three years after her disappearance, Mikan is back with a hot load of problems. The flame rekindles but is the darkness too much? When Natsume woke up, Mikan cannot be found.

Natsume Hyūga

Please, choose only one, and well see. Disclaimer: I dont own Gakuen Alice. Factory Interests:Drawing, Music, chocolate, and Fanfiction.

This is a one-shot about how Natsume gets the courage to ask Mikan on a date to Central Town. This is my first story, by the way. In which.

It’s February fourteenth, and you all know what that means! Natsume made a face. It was Valentine’s Day already? He was still haunted by the memory of last year’s Valentine’s Day–some idiot had thrown chocolate into his mouth…and Tsubasa…ugh. Possibly the worst day he’d ever had at Alice Academy. But there was one thing he might be looking forward to this year. Mikan turned halfway to stick her tongue out at him, then smiled. She walked over slowly. We’re going to have dinner in Central Town, at seven.

But…Natsume, I don’t have any money! As soon as she got what he was saying, her face brightened. I’ll bring Hotaru, and Ruka-pyon, and–” Natsume shot out a hand and grabbed her wrist. As soon as she figured out what this meant, she flushed brilliant magenta.

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I believe happiness is wanting what you get. I believe the best time for new beginnings is now. I believe in true love. As long as you’re happy, I don’t care about anything else. I believe in sticking around through the good and the bad times.

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Author’s Notes: I wrote this to celebrate the first anniversary and th review of Natsume Nullified. It wasn’t that hard to begin with. You could’ve just—”. Resigned, Ruka turned back to the blackboard. Mochu was nearly finished reading his essay. He looked smugly at the class while he went on to describe his future career as an aviator-turned-astronaut with the remarkable talent of piloting aircrafts to record heights. Unfortunately, his rather long paper also described how he was going convert to Buddhism at forty and thereafter attain diplomatic peace with alien life forms.

At my deathbed, I will achieve a state of nirvana and eventually float up once again—”. Narumi cut in quickly, “That’s about all the time you have Mochu. It was interesting to hear about your— ah, rather lofty — plans.

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Latent Ability Original Dangerous Ability. Alice Academy – Elementary School. Special Star. Romi Paku.

Ruka thought then he glance around to find Natsume quickly he knows that Na. While Mikan sigh, Now that Aoi mention it Natsume is very protective towards a boyfriend without their knowledge well thats because she was dating him back.

Just when Natsume and Mikan became lovers, Persona came to destroy their relationship! I hope Mikan will push him away and break the kiss. I don’t know though I’ll just pray XD while i was reading this, “incest, incest, incest, etc. Unexpected twists but good chapter! Please update as soon as you can, can’t wait to read the next chapter XD! Woah, that was unexpected! Persona loves Mikan? Looks like Hell broke loose! Could you add some Natsume jealous over MikanxPersona?

Gakuen alice fanfiction mikan and natsume dating

I am grateful that I said yes, no because, no guy, has ever made me this happy and had are a pure happiness in my life. I sighed dreamily, I could put up and are girls glaring evil these and spitting slow things to these just to slow with Natsume. I turned around the corner to see that Natsume and Luna were in a passionate lip-lock, themselves they stopped kissing to get fresh air.

Gakuen complied by smacking his lips onto hers!

However, she wasn’t so sure about where to put Natsume in her social circle. Anyway it’s a Gakuen Alice fanfic about Mikan and Natsume my favorite anime couple. Mentally dating a character that doesn’t actually exist.

First Gakuen Alice fan-fic! I do not own the characters in Gakuen Alice. They all belong to Tachibana Higuchi-sensei. The only thing I own is the plot. This fanfiction follows after the last chapter of the manga and was inspired by one of the epilogue photos the one as the cover. In fact I’ve written this fan-fic to the picture.

Mikan x Natsume

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To clear up the confusion about a Gakuen Alice sequel/continuation coming to Misaki-sensei, Tsubasa, Bear, Aoi, Natsume and Mikan (now in high school).

The chapters of Gakuen Alice are written and illustrated by Higuchi Tachibana. Twenty-nine volumes have been released as of March The first was released on February 19, and the twenty-ninth was published in March Sixteen volumes have been published so far. Six months after the conclusion of Gakuen Alice , Higuchi published a series of omakes that revealed small revelations of what happened to some of the main characters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 24 December

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Bio Fav: Stories. How does she feel about him? Had they ever met back then?

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Thank God she doesn’t know the existence of facebook. Chapter 4 is posted below chapter 3. Click on the Welcome tab below Info to see wat im talkin about. By the way, please read my important announcement on the home tab On a niga higa and freak out kid marathon with Althea Leana Mandal. Love ya!

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Gakuen Alice: Natsume Hyuuga by WingletBlackbird. Fandoms: Author, Title, Date Posted, Date Updated, Word Count, Hits, Kudos, Comments, Bookmarks.

It was awesome getting to know a character like you. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to live. Happy birthday, Natsume! Well, you could ignore it. This is not an obligation! This is an offer and if you choose to take it, you can answer by treat ing people or trick ing them.

Natsume Hyuuga [GA]

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Chapter 1 of a Gakuen Alice – Romance/Drama fanfiction with characters Mikan S​. & Natsume H.. 2. Mikan and Yuka are going on a vacation in Disneyland Cali!

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Gakuen Alice – Natsume and Mikan