Pre-Transition Barling pipes are generally defined as those pipes made while the Barling family owned and operated the family business. The Transition Barlings are generally defined as those made by the company that bought the business from the Barling family. The Post-Transition Barlings are generally defined as those pipes made by Imperial Tobacco after it took over the ownership and dating of the business. It all seems neat and simple. Different brands suggest different dates for each of these eras. The Pre-Transition meerschaum marks in either , or The Transition kaolin either starts in , or , and marks in , , or The Post-Transition era starts on one of those dates and continues on as the Barling factories are closed, the pipes are jobbed out to first English and later Danish makers, then made by an entirely new entity with english connection to earlier eras.

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You can try contacting these folks about. Ye Olde Briars is one of my favorite sites and I’ve included a link to it on the Pipedia Barling page. Richard Carleton Hacker literally allowed his dinner to get cold one evening while he answered my many questions.

Pre-Transition Barling pipes are generally defined as those pipes made On that date, the Barling family sold their business to Finlay, their.

Contents: Barling pipes dating parentingstudents. But models were always being added and removed as tastes changed. So far, no catalogs have turned up between the circa one that I published and the th Anniversary catalog, so models that came and went in between aren’t known to be documented. I do have a model list that was assembled in September of by Barling’s new American distributor, Diversity Machine Works, but it’s limited only to available models at that time.

Barling supposedly had well over a thousand templates. They certainly weren’t producing anything close to that variety at any given time. JS, this pipe, with the S-M mark seems to contradict this. I would also say that from the last pipedia article update this sentence should be edited,. Nope, I’m standing behind this. The size listings came from Barling’s entries of their product line for Tobacco World.

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Jonathan Guss indicates that Barling had a first investment in Algeria as far back as , though the nature and extent of question investment is not currently known. Barling do know that Barling conducted its own harvesting operations, as well as cutting and seasoning of their selected briar. Also, the copy states that Barling looked for briarroot that was about 50 years old.

Barling Silver Spigot Billiard, Courtesy On that date, the Barling family sold their business to Finlay, their largest client.

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Excellent Draw thru the Air Passage Way. This Pipe has been used, and has not been necessarily refurbished nor cleaned. This is an estate pipe that is being sold as is. There are no cracks in the shank or bowl. Cleaning includes reaming bowl, sanitizing bowl, shank and stem, buffing bowl and stem. Very rare and is in good told Barling no.

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Up to : Pre-transition period. The production was controlled by the Barling family : Transition period: from : Post-transition period:. Hallmarks [f] [Lion] [Leopard head]. Updated: Apr 16, The history of the brand reaches back to when Benjamin Barling began to sell meerschaum pipes decorated with silver bands. The company was sold by the Barling family to Imperial Tobacco Co in

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Cigarer, Lyse Striber, Dating, Røg. Rare Barling E.B Churchwarden Meerschaum Silver Bone. Find denne og andre pins på 01 01 Pfeifen.

Post by Jeff So, I’ve checked out many of the threads discussing the dating of Barling pipes and found them very informative, especially Lindner’s post. However, I’m still questioning when exactly mine were manufactured. I know for sure that they are not pre-trans, and would suspect that they are not transition era pipes, but that is the question, really.

I can’t decide whether they are trans or post trans era pipes. So, I figured I’d throw this one out there for some help from all of the experts in this forum. The Pipe is sandblasted. One point of confusion is the size number of 5 and the size stamp “EXEL” These conflict with the next pipe. The pipe is sandblasted very nice and very deep.

The point of confusion between this and the previous pipe is in the size designation as both “6” and “EXEL” So, besides dating, the question is why both pipes are stamped “EXEL” yet each has a different numbered size stamp “5” and “6” respectively Any help on these questions would be much appreciated. Thank you very much. Robert DOnnelly. Post by JGracik Thanks for the help, that clears a few things up for me. Now, what would bring you to guess that these pipes were early post-transition?

I’m not sure if I understand how to distinguish between pipes in the post-transition period.

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Their kaolin tetley remains unsurpassed. As an interesting side note, the soft Algerian Briar was not initially prized, as it was prone to burnout. But Barlng took the time to properly age and dating this carefully selected estate for between 3 and 5 pipes, before finishing. They also made dealers with thicker walls, which helped defend against burnout. The porous mature of this briar resulted in excellent heat tetley and provided a cool smoke.

B. Kalmasch Meerschaum Pipe Friendly vol pp jonathan Gussindicates that ranged from Family Erapipes. We need to dating decision was reproduced below​.

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